Your business is unique

(so are our services)

Our end-to-end bespoke services provide a deep understanding of customers so that customer interactions can be more fruitful. From strategy support to large-scale execution of customer communications, we take special care of each unique business case to ensure that our end-to-end optimization services boost revenue and customer satisfaction, pragmatically and cost-effectively.


We help our clients to:

Design a wise marketing strategy

Taking the right strategic decisions about marketing budget, channels and resource allocation requires experience, deep insights and the ability to adapt to market changes. We can help you focus where it makes sense for the business.

Create more value for customers

You need to understand what motivates each single customer to optimize value for them. Stop relying on statistical averages and focus on individual behavior to maximize marketing and sales effectiveness.

Reward customers smartly

You can cut down on costly ‘one size fits none’ customer incentives, and instead, focus on individualized targets and rewards that encourage the customer behaviors you want, and reduce the ones you don’t want.

Activate and retain customers

Keep customers engaged, loyal, and profitable. Replace mass-marketing tactics with one-to-one, individualized communications, which are dynamically aligned with the behavior and preferences of each unique customer.

Improve customer satisfaction

Captivate your customers with compelling interactions. Relevant and timely, multi-channel communications will keep your customers happy at every stage of the relationship, bolstering trust and turning them into ambassadors.


Ten million customers? Ten million individual strategies!


Key industries

At SkyMakers we seamlessly combine genuine human intellect and experience with the power of information technology to inject the best of both worlds in our solutions and services. From analyzing and understanding your customers’ behavior to support your marketing strategy, right through to executing individualized communication journeys, we can optimize customer lifetime value and make the most of your customer-facing interactions.


  • Card usage increase
  • Dormant customer activation
  • Deposits attraction
  • Bank-wide loyalty schemes


  • Top-up optimization
  • ARPU boosting
  • Customer activation
  • Customer retention
  • Negotiation optimization


  • Revenue optimization
  • Basket & customer value boosting
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Customer activation


  • Sales optimization
  • Discount optimization
  • Revenue maximization