Telcos: Optimize top-ups

Telcos: Optimize top-ups

Increase prepaid top-up revenue & strengthen customer loyalty.

The Challenge

Amidst fierce competition, mobile operators implement costly reward schemes, which do not necessarily improve their financial results.

The Objective

This mobile operator wanted to leverage its customer base and increase top-up revenues from prepaid mobile cards, but without incentivizing regular consumer activity, which would come one way or another.

The Solution

The company’s previous strategy didn’t exploit the potential of each customer – horizontal discounts proved to be costly, and didn’t positively impact customer loyalty. Skymakers designed a new, engaging platform, where customers could check their achievements and rewards, and have fun.

After extensive analysis of customer behaviour, Skymakers implemented individualized target-setting and rewards, which dynamically adapted and were aligned with each customer’s specific behavior. Rather than react to customer top-ups, we could predict when and how much they were likely to top-up, and influence customer behavior, by proactively sending individualized top-up offers before topping up.

By employing advanced mathematics and gamification features, the top-up potential of each customer was realized in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Result

By intelligently rewarding customers on an individual basis, the results were impressive. Customers were excited by the new multi-channel platform, and the optimization of targeted top-up offers boosted prepaid revenues and customer stickiness.

Brand awareness also increased and new customers are constantly acquired through word of mouth and social media.