Understanding and respecting the unique nature of what you want to achieve lies at the very core of our approach. No off-the-shelf, or cookie-cutter offerings can be found here. We conceptualize, design and implement Customer Value Optimization (CVO) initiatives, as unique as your business, and your customers. And we transcend any boundaries.


We help our clients to:

Design a powerful Customer Value Optimization strategy

Take the right strategic decisions on budget allocation, incentives & reward selection, communication subject definition, and flexibly adapt to market changes by focusing on what matters most, and what brings back the best results.


With targeted reach to consumers based on behavioral analytics, and with rich cross-channel campaigns, retailers can offer much more value to their brands. Brands simply enjoy the measured results of resonating campaigns, while boosting sales and the efficiency of their marketing budgets within a win-win ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Rationalize markdown and maximize revenue

Dynamically tailor your individual markdown offers with the power of mathematics and IT. Avoid unnecessary horizontal markdowns or discounts, and move to sharpshooting individual sweet spots to boost revenue and profit without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Optimize marketing and sales effectiveness

Understand what motivates each single customer and what makes them click. Stop relying on statistical averages that are misleading and focus on monitored, individual attitudes and behaviors to offer more value and a richer experience to each customer.

Critically upgrade in-store purchasing experiences

Focus in-store budget and effort to what works the most. Through targeted interventions in the store environment and customer touch-points, offer a game-like, engaging and lucrative store-customer interface.

Boost printed catalogue efficiency

No more static catalogues and fishing in muddy waters. Differentiate from competitors by gamifying your printed interface. Measure which products attract customer interest and which ones end up being sold. And all that, supercharged by advanced dynamic markdown and revenue optimization algorithms.

Activate and retain customers

Keep customers engaged, loyal, and profitable without spending more than is absolutely necessary. Replace mass-marketing tactics with one-to-one, individualized communications with tailored messaging, dynamically aligned with the behavior and preferences of each customer.

Reward customers smartly

Cut down on costly and inefficient ‘one size fits none’ customer incentives, and instead, focus on offering individualized messaging, targets and rewards, shaping and driving the exact customer behaviors you want.

Nurture superior customer satisfaction

Design and roll-out compelling interactions that captivate customers. Self-relevant and timely, multi-channel communications will keep your customers happy at every stage of the relationship, bolstering trust and brand alignment, turning them into avid ambassadors.

Bridge Paper And Digital

Our OpenText™ data capture solution eliminates time-consuming manual data entry. Information can be captured from paper documents and forms using powerful design, distribution, capture and recognition technologies.


100 million customers? 100 million individual strategies, 100 million journeys!


Key industries

At Skymakers we use tried and tested ingredients like behavioral big data analytics, performance psychology, mathematical algorithms and statistics, machine learning, advanced marketing and of course information technology.

But this is only half of the story. We seamlessly mix all these with unique industry domain knowledge, experience, imagination, ingenuity, and everything else that makes up ‘human intelligence’. This is what gives a soul to all our unique Customer Value Optimization initiatives and allows us to not only meet, but often exceed your expectations with measurable results.


  • Revenue optimization
  • Markdown/discount rationalization
  • Basket & customer value boosting
  • Loyalty & reward schemes
  • Customer activation
  • Printed catalog efficiency boosting


  • Card usage increase
  • Dormant customer activation
  • Deposits attraction
  • Bank-wide loyalty schemes


  • Top-up optimization
  • ARPU boosting
  • Customer activation
  • Customer retention