we are

much more than the sum of some (great) parts.

a gem of a team

We are a vibrant collective of restless minds, operating at the intersection of Human & Machine competences.

We come from multidisciplinary backgrounds - Marketing, Branding & Commercial, Psychology, Consumer Insights, Math and IT.

We seamlessly blend unique skillsets and talents under the banner of a shared drive to bring positive change in our clients’ businesses.

We make Science and Art work in unison.

a unique culture

We have a distinctive culture conducive to the quality of problem-solving we aspire to.

We love to tackle big Customer Capital issues, but we believe that there are reasons to treat every little issue as vital.

We live and breathe challenges. We are immersed in innovation, and we treat past successes only as a stepping-stone for something better.

We are fixated with constant change.

an admirable collective experience

We combine professional maturity with insatiable curiosity. We boast an enviable experience across sectors, geographies and business pains.

We carry over to any given project invaluable learnings from past ones - without the pains attached to experimentation.

But while past wisdom is invaluable, the wisest way to treat each new case is to look at things with a fresh eye, as it is your first time.

We are wise enough to always start afresh.

an advanced toolkit

We have developed exclusive tools that have proven their value in action time and again.

These are not rigid recipes to be applied indiscriminately. They are rather flexible frameworks always adapted to the challenges at hand.

And no matter how complex what we need to tackle is, we are committed to delivering crisp, manageable and effective solutions.

We thrive in complexity, while delivering actionable simplicity.

meet the crew

A passionate group. Motivated to continually reach goals
and tackle new challenges.

Andreas Protopapas
Senior Software Engineer
Antony Slinn
Christos Dokos
Marketing Director
Ioannis Kyritsis
Software Engineer
Jenny Tantidou
Deputy CEO
Maria Katsatoura
Office Manager
Mata Konstantatou
Marketing Officer
Michalis Giakkoupis
Natassa Katsanoudi
Quality Director
Panos Konstantinidis
CEO & Founder
The Watchdog
Stavros Machairidis

be a Skymaker

We're always looking to add to the crew. Get in touch and give us a reason or two why you'd like to be part of the team.

Stephen has more than 35 years of experience in emerging/transitional markets in the areas of electronic payments, unsecured consumer credit risk management and project management. His experience has been acquired, in the main, through working for international consumer banks in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe including the CIS countries of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.

Stephen’s project management experience has focused on the introduction of new and innovative payment products and he joined the Skymakers team in 2019 after an 8 year period of project management in Qatar which included the implementation of the transit contact/contactless payment acceptance network, (from the perspective of the acquirer bank), for the new Qatar Metro and Tram.