Stories to write home about.

13 July, 2022

Precious results worth repeating.

Awarded with a GOLD for the second year in a row, it seems the work we do for our clients leads to shimmering results.

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28 May, 2021

Skymakers develop and roll out Personal Video Shopping for MediaMarkt

The Personal Video Shopping service is a compelling answer to the increasing need for customer centricity and omni-channel presence in retail.

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5 June, 2020

Turn your customer capital into gold.

Helping our clients make the most of their customer capital is rewarding, and even more so when it’s recognised by industry experts.

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17 June, 2019

Change one thing. Change everything.

Seeing more value from your customers and keeping them happy may require just a change in the way you interact with them.

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28 April, 2019

To stay in the game, you need to change the game.

Differentiating from competitors should ensure the window of opportunity remains open, but are brands doing enough to be different?

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10 March, 2019

Bridging the gap in rewards with bank-wide loyalty.

Bank-wide loyalty is a massive opportunity for banks to generate more revenue and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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11 January, 2019

Listen! The payments of your customers are talking to you.

Your customers are talking to you. Not with words but through their actions. You just have to listen to each one of them.

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27 October, 2018

Moving beyond segmentation to individualization.

Just think of the possibilities when no two customers have to be approached in the same way again.

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3 July, 2018

Big rewards in banking?

To stay competitive, banks need to deliver loyalty schemes that are more rewarding for the consumer.

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14 March, 2018

Individualized content is more relevant.

Individualized content could mean the difference between customers who are delighted, and customers who refuse to pay the bill.

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