Change one thing. Change everything.

Your marketing communications are an opportunity to better-connect with customers.

And with the ever-decreasing amount of human contact with customers, brands and their marketing communications must work harder across all channels.

A decade ago, simple personalization scattered in communication messages was making waves in marketing. Customers became more receptive and responsive. Nowadays, it’s a given that all marketing communications should be personal, authentic, and more importantly, relevant.

But what to say? How to say it? When to say it? How often to say it? Who to say it to?

Seeing more value from your customers and keeping them happy at the same time may require just a change in the way you interact with them. Instead of using ‘one-size-fits-none’ messaging, and conventional ‘hit and miss’ methodologies based on segment averages, you can go one crucial step beyond and really connect with each customer at an individual level.

It starts with learning more about each customer. By obtaining a crystal-clear view on how every single customer behaves, we can understand how to optimally interact with each one. And by understanding each one of your customers, you can take appropriate action at a customer-specific level to get the results you want.

We call it ‘individualized marketing’. It’s when you can take into account every customer’s specific needs, wants, and behaviors – and act upon them swiftly, sending the right amount of messages, with the right content to each person at the right time.

By introducing one-to-one communications, customers become more engaged because they’re receiving relevant and timely communications, and you will boost customer value and important KPIs, such as average revenue per customer, share of wallet, cross-selling ratio, engagement, satisfaction, activation, retention, and more.

Every wave starts with a small ripple, and if you can make one change in how you approach your customers, you can change everything, for the better.