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customer capital evolved

Everybody gets the idea of Customer Capital. Most do something about it. But only a few do what it takes to lead.

Historically, such initiatives used ‘tried and tested’ CRM recipes. But the relationship between people, brands, technology and culture has been drastically transformed.

The very logic of customer dialogue has moved on too - what you ask them to do, why should they pay attention and why should they bother to act.

In this new scenery, you need a Customer Whisperer.

what we are up against

In our pursuit of excellence, we need to overturn conventions and mediocre practices. There is always the easy way of doing things. And alluring as it may seem it is always fraught with dangers. Here are the 10 Big Dangers of Customer Strategy.

1. Copy-catting

Customer-facing initiatives that follow what the industry does mechanistically lacking true differentiation or innovative spark.

2. Laziness

Old and tired recipes that are applied time and again just because they worked in the past, resulting to customer fatigue and distancing from the Company and Brand.

3. Gut-feel decision-making

Target-setting based on gut feels, questionable assumptions and Groupthink, rather than hard facts and unchallengeable insights.

4. Short-sighted Vision

Programs that work in silos, focusing on short-term benefits that point to random directions, while ignoring the vision of the business and the core philosophy of the brand.

5. Unjustified Generalizations

People treated as just members of broadly defined segments based on lowest common denominators -not unique personalities and actors.

6. Disregard for Nuance

Blunt and all-encompassing calls-to-action that ignore the fine yet drastically important nuances of individual human psychology.

7. Generic Motivation

Motivations based on averages, not singular profiles and actual past behavioural patterns.

8. Lack of Engagement

Customers asked to go through some basic, generic motions, without any involvement or fun in the mix. Boring, and occasionally insulting.

9. In it for the money only

Approaches treating customer blatantly as a cash cows, lacking the respect that is due and missing chances for quality relationship-building.

10. Leaving out key Players

Activations and Initiatives that do not take into account the special, occasionally divergent interests of other vital stakeholder groups such as suppliers and employees.

Getting too comfy with the mediocre is always a bad idea.

our guiding light

In our path to excellence, we are dependent on a certain number of key things. These are the values that show us the way.

Valuing value creation

All of our efforts boil down to creating superior value for our Clients’ businesses. We do not do fluff. Ever. No matter what we do, if there is no obvious link to measurable value, there are real arguments to engage into it.

It’s all about people

We are deeply involved in state of the art tech. But ultimately it takes people to bring things together and make a true difference. This is why we engage the very best talent there is and offer the ideal conditions to create and to flourish.

Fair & Square

What we commit to, we execute. We are always true. We define the limits of what is feasible with brutal honesty and we report the exact nature of things - even if it is not necessarily to our own benefit.

Trailblaze or perish

Creativity and innovation may be just buzzwords for many, but for us they are a prerequisite for existence. We are always looking for novel paths to push thing forward in meaningful ways, because staying the same equals being left behind.

Obsessive where it matters

Anyone who knows us personally can verify that we are pretty cool people. But when it comes to the quality of our deliverables, we are totally obsessive. Maybe there is no such thing as ‘perfection’, but we feel obliged to go for it.

Enjoying the ride

We draw great pleasure out of what we do every day. Fun is a super-critical component of how we treat our Client’s Customers and the experiences we create for them. And we make sure that the people we partner with enjoy the ride equally so.

We are immersed deep into values that help us shine through.

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