Evenly - 3-way Video Communication and Purchasing

With more than 800,000 with hearing issues in Greece, there is a significant group of people who have probably never heard from you. And you from them.

With the EVENLY platform, you can support the deaf and hard of hearing. For any need, from customer information to service and sales, barriers are removed, and you can connect with a community that had no easy access to you until now.

Thanks to EVENLY, by being accessible and inclusive, your organization can meet its Corporate Social Responsibility aims and realize ESG initiatives.


Book a Video Session
The deaf person selects the date and time for a session and -based on the topic they're interested in- is assigned an agent from your organization and a sign language interpreter from EVENLY. Depending on availability, the videocall can take place immediately without delay.

View Three-way Video
The deaf person sees the interpreter and the agent on their screen, so it's easy for everyone to communicate and express themselves from the comfort of their location, and without having to download a mobile app.

Video Captioning
A real-time speech-to-text transcription of what the agent is saying can further facilitate the communication.

Securely Share Files
During the call, participants can safely share info and documents. And all calls and documents are logged in a secure cloud-based system.

Purchase Remotely
The deaf person can also make purchases through EVENLY. The agent can prepare a basket with products the deaf person may have selected with the help of the interpreter, and send it via SMS or email for checkout and payment.

All interpreters are fully qualified, as they have been selected after qualification. Scientific advisor of EVENLY is Mrs. Galini Sapountzaki, Assistant Professor of Sign Linguistics at the University of Thessaly.

A new home for Evenly

We now have a dedicated website for Evenly!

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