bridging expenditure & value creation

Devise powerful and efficient customer campaigns

Ensure decision-making that brings great results with lower investment. Make the optimal strategic and tactical decisions on budget allocation, incentives & rewards and communication angles.

With our CVO (Customer Value Optimization) toolkit we can help you set up sophisticated cross-channel campaign initiatives that make the most of rich insights and battle-proven techniques.

Because every single campaign should work – measurably.

bridging partner & greater goals

Craft value-multiplying ecosystems

Take loyalty systems to the next level. Be the hub and rally multiple partners under the same flag to engage, satisfy and secure customers from multiple angles.

We can help you breath life into smooth-running sophisticated ecosystems and create win-win-win relationships with tangible, accelerating benefits for everyone involved.

Because adding is good - but multiplying adds up to something better.

bridging lower cuts & higher engagement

Rationalize markdowns while maximizing revenue

Avoid horizontal discounts that may work with some customers but spell disaster at the level of overall revenue and profit.

We can help you dynamically tailor individual markdown offers with the power of AI. Move from carpet-bombing to sharpshooting without any concessions at the level of the satisfaction customers derive.

Because every customer has a sweet spot - and we can spot it.

bridging individual needs & overall results

Optimize marketing and sales through individualization

Yes, each customer is different and should benefit from a different approach, but walking the talk can be truly intimidating.

We can help you understand what makes each customer click. We implement the usage of individual attitudes and behaviours in order offer added value and a richer experience to each and every customer.

Because there is power in individuality, and it should work for your benefit.

bridging limited means & unlimited potential

Upgrade in-store experiences cost-effectively

In-store experiences can make or break everything. But budgets are not unlimited, and interventions can be impressive on paper but of limited effectiveness in practice.

We can help you focus your budget to what works. Through targeted interventions at customer touchpoints, we help you offer game-like, engaging in-store experiences that boost sales.

Because every in-store experience should measurably work for a higher goal.

bridging classic reach & 21st century agility

Change the game of printed catalogues

Catalogues have proven their value, but monolithic messaging and lack of effectiveness transparency still persist.

We can help you move past static catalogues and fishing in muddy waters. Differentiate by gamifying your printed interface. Measure which products attract interest vs. the ones actually sold. And all that, supercharged by advanced dynamic markdown and revenue optimization algorithms.

Because there is huge potential in print, and we unlock it.

bridging granularity & universal results

Put customer insights to work

Engaged, loyal, and profitable customers is everyone’s priority. But half-baked customer understanding and mass tactics stand in the way of true greatness.

We can help you become an insights powerhouse, with unbelievable clarity on each individual. Replace mass marketing with one-to-one tailored messaging, dynamically aligned with the profile of each customer.

Because great micro understanding is the way to overall greatness.

bridge behavioral nudges & revenue leaps

Reward customers smartly, not costly

Loyalty programs rarely find a balance between truly incentivizing customers and not spending a fortune.

We can help you cut down on inefficient ‘one-size-fits-none’ customer incentives. Through superior understanding of each customer we set attainable targets, link them to engaging rewards and present them in an individualized messaging context that makes things happen.

Because there are better ways to appeal to customers than breaking the bank.

bridging selling urge & brand needs

Nurture brand relationship that transcend individual transactions

Daily sales are the lifeblood of every retail business, but what happens with brand-building considerations in the process?

We can help you serve your needs for immediate sales while making sure that every single encounter with any sales-driven message that we create and distribute leads to a 100% brand-aligned experience.

Because apart from buyers today, you need brand ambassadors for the years to come.