B2B: Optimize sales & maximize revenue

B2B: Optimize sales & maximize revenue

Engage B2B partners, maximize revenues & improve relationships.

The Challenge

With customers exposed to more and more choice, converting B2B sales and growing effective partner channels has become extremely challenging.

The Objective

This company wanted to achieve its periodic revenue targets in a quick and efficient manner, without significant investments or changing their usual way of doing B2B sales.

The Solution

Skymakers replaced the company’s rather tired and inflexible incentive scheme for its channel partners with a more effective, individualized incentive scheme, which dynamically aligns itself with the performance of each partner at any point in time.

In addition to regularly calculating individualized sales targets and corresponding optimal discount levels for each partner, the scheme also informs them frequently –via multilingual SMSs and emails– about how close they are to reaching their targets and attaining their rewards.

Furthermore, the company receives detailed reporting, giving them valuable insights about how its partners respond to incentives and rewards.

The Result

By intelligently incentivizing B2B channel partners on an individual basis, they are constantly engaged and focused on their targets without needing follow-up meetings with sales representatives, who are now free to nurture channel partner relationships and deliver high levels of service.

The market share of the company has risen significantly, far beyond expectations.