Banking: Increase card activity & profitability

Banking: Increase card activity & profitability

Increase activity & profitability of card products & strengthen customer relationships.

The Challenge

A leading global bank wanted to increase its customers’ use of debit cards for purchases, rather than using them for cash withdrawals.

The Objective

Boost profitability, while increasing customer satisfaction with an appropriate and modern customer experience.

The Solution

Following a phase of analyzing customer behavior and estimating the potential of the customer base, Skymakers designed an innovative reward program to incentivize incremental card usage, while keeping rewards cost under control. The program optimizes customer value in alignment with the bank’s main objectives and is fully outsourced to Skymakers.

Respecting the bank’s brand values, the engaging and individualized multi-channel communications deliver key messages that take into account each customer’s specific behavior and dynamically adapt to maximize effectiveness.

The Result

27% more customers than the previous year started using their cards for payments. Total amount of debit card POS purchases increased 53% year on year.

Customer opt-outs from the program were negligible. The program was able to realize the bank’s objectives in the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner.